Warlock from Wales (The Cauldron Effect #2)


HISTORICAL:  Mary Bryght is an amateur historian, the daughter of a scientist, sister of an artist, and determined to uncover the truth about her family. When she is attacked by a magical villain who threatens to harm her brother if he doesn’t reject his current commission, she is thrust into an effort by her brother and the Prince Regent to reveal the existence of witches and warlocks to the public. Unfortunately, the Warlock Council does not want exposure and orders Hugh Renfrew Price, a Warlock and new Earl of Flint, to safeguard the human female but sabotage her goal.  Protecting Mary from those hunting them should be simple for a warlock of Hugh’s caliber, but safeguarding his heart from Mary may be more than he can handle. Can Mary learn to separate the good Warlocks from the bad and trust her heart, or will demon and warlock magic cloud Mary and Hugh’s minds and destroy them both?

A delightful blend of fantasy and regency romance, this is the second book in “The Cauldron Effect” series and a mostly stand-alone tale. Pushing along the overarching plot, the conflicting goals of the well-developed main characters’ provide conflict for the tale, along with action, adventure, and fun fantasy twists to a regency courtship. While remaining clean, the relationship between the main characters is full of smoldering attraction that readers will enjoy, and the fantasy spin to the regency setting gives a traditional regency romance a unique twist. The one downside to the tale is the unanswered questions concerning Hugh’s relationship with his mother. Still, this books’ intriguing blend of genres and standout characters are not to be missed!

Sarah E Bradley