Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

The Boss

Unexplained fires have been plaguing Delaney Hamilton ever since her family died in a fiery car crash years ago.  Hoping to escape both the fires and a stalker, Delaney moves across the country to find a new life in California.  Unfortunately, the fires follow her to her new job at a winery.  Desperate for help, Delaney confides in Finn Conleth, the leader of the hunky hot shots crew that rescu

HISTORICAL:  Zadicayn is a wizard, imprisoned since the Middle Ages — 324 years. Brynn lives in England in 1842. They could not be further apart by time or closer together by fate. Brynn’s cousin, Reuben, dies under suspicious circumstances and she suspects murder. He had been trying to find and free Zadicayn and now leaves Brynn ambiguous clues to complete the quest he died for. 

FANTASY:  Surina Imari is a talented flautist by age nine. When playing for the Sar’s court and his guests, she plays an unfamiliar piece, as though the flute is leading her. Upon finishing, everyone is asleep and her baby sister’s heart has stopped. She runs away to the village of Skanden and lives with the healer, Tolya.

Colin Fisher is one of the top wizards in the world, but each time he stops a crime spree by a demon or another wizard, he tests the limits of his magic. The more he learns, the more he wants to discover what happened to his missing fiancée. Entering a self-induced coma to travel through time and uncover the truth puts him in a dangerous position, but he is determined to try.

Koi Pierce and her father are ‘dream eaters’, aka Baku. Koi grew up thinking she was just weird until she learned why others could not touch her bare skin. She can actually eat the dreams of others, but that ability is not without consequences and tribulations. Koi embarks on a wild journey to Japan with her father and friends to learn about her heritage, and an unusual world opens up to her.