Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Haunted Hearts

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Thrilled with her inheritance, Callie Thompson moves to the small town of Shadow Valley and into her new home. When the lights start to flicker and strange noises continue, she becomes uneasy about staying in the old house. Sheriff Carter Landry doesn’t have time to investigate things that go bump in the night and he knows Callie’s house isn’t haunted.

Brenna is an ice dragon whose family rules the kingdom of Taydaryn in Norwegia. With her mother, the queen, dying, Brenna will soon have to take her mother’s place. Still, with a booming clothing business in Chicago, Brenna isn’t exactly looking forward to being a queen.

Kensi has always dreamed of being an alpha wolf. The problem? She can't shift. She has tried everything she can think of, but nothing has worked. Working as a private eye for the wild wolf pack is her way of potentially becoming an alpha. Drake is given the task of being her guide, and he takes his job seriously.


Genny has special powers over snow and owns a small-town newspaper. When her late brother is accused of murder, it throws her life into turmoil. She has no idea what to do but is determined to clear her brother’s name. Kace comes to town as soon as he hears what's going on. Genny's brother was his brother in arms, and Kace knows he wasn't capable of what people are accusing him of.

FANTASY:  The Hunter is a being haunted by a past he cannot remember and enslaved by a thirst for blood, which blackens his soul and threatens the world with damnation. He searches for answers across a lonely desert, protecting a young innocent by the name of Hailen. The boy’s innocent soul is the only thing that can quiet the demons who haunt him.