Troubled Spirits (Spirit Voices #1)


As a conduit for ghosts her entire life, Jody is no stranger to sacrifice. A gift and a curse, her ability draws those on the other side who need her help. Sometimes she can even experience what they felt when they died.  Jared seems like the least likely candidate to compete with the ghosts’ powerful grip on Jody’s life. Both determined and wealthy, the P.I learns that it is useless to trust and believe in others. On the night they meet, it seems they are destined to fall in love. Will Jared’s ruthless determination to get what he wants be enough to free Jody from the ghosts’ hold? Will their demands finally be too much for the young woman?

A take on an age-old trope, “Troubled Spirits” is a novel that makes a name for itself through its characters and storytelling. Communicating with spirits is by no means an original concept. It is Ms. Wolter’s talent in developing tangible characters and emotional plots that has the reader flying through the pages. Her easy style allows for an enjoyable read, with descriptive prose that is effortless to visualize. Jody quickly captures the reader’s heart, drawing them into her wants and motivations.  Despite her frailty, she still feels like a strong female lead without coming off as cliché or a "Mary Sue". The story is rounded out nicely with equally dynamic secondary characters, a real connection between the leads, and steamy scenes one would not typically expect in a story-driven paranormal novel. “Troubled Spirits” is a powerful and promising start to a new series! 

Arec Rain