A Torch In His Heart (The Wanderer #1)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  After tumbling through time, what began so long ago must finally come to the end while the main characters are all here in one place at the same time.  Helle Madsen has some serious misgivings about her new boss, the sinister Sam Woolf, and her personal life has just gotten really weird when Jason Morris walks into her life. Not only does she recognize Jason despite never having met him, but Jason and her boss clearly hate each other’s guts.

This paranormal romance is an intriguing adventure full of sizzling chemistry, heated passion and involves re-incarnation and a deadly feud between two men over one girl. The story is a bit slow paced, and the beginning is a little confusing because it flips between the ancient past and the present.  What’s happening isn’t entirely clear until a point about a third of the way through. However, all of the characters are quite strong and easily captivate readers with their stories, which will keep readers turning the pages until they reach that point and become even more wrapped up in all the twists and turns. While the story ends with a major cliffhanger, and even though some of the things the characters do or say seem to repeat between thrilling and suspenseful events, the plot will keep readers gasping in expectation and fascination as Jason and Helle strive to defeat their enemy and reach for that happily ever after.

E.L. Hurley