Spirits of the Heart (Haunted Voices Book 2)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Laura Horton is fresh out of college and ready to start her career as an addiction counselor.  When she arrives to rent a room from a friend, she discovers that her friend has bailed and she is stuck living with her friend’s ex-boyfriend. Miller Stanford is a security officer, working to pay his sister’s medical bills. He has a heartbreaking past that still torments him. Unhappy as they are with their new living arrangements, they adapt to each other as best they can. However, Miller and Laura start seeing a little girl around the cemetery and the abandoned asylum. They discover that she is a tortured spirit and Laura is determined to help the ghost. Laura and Miller work together to solve this mystery without ruining their careers — or their growing love for one another.

Be prepared to take an emotional ride! Even though the book starts a little slow, it builds into a passionate and emotional story. Laura is a little self-conscious, but develops into a strong woman. Miller is tormented by his past but becomes a better man around Laura. Even though Miller has his issues, Laura is there for him every step of the way and that just shows the goodness of her character.  Not only does the author do a wonderful job at spinning this paranormal romance but also she brings up compelling themes — alcoholism, loneliness and grief.  "Spirits of the Heart" will keep the reader hooked from beginning to end.

Amanda Hupe