Silently into the Night: A Haunting Contemporary Romance


Blythe Foley knows her time is up when another heart attack strikes. However, she never expected that death would walk into the room and at the last second give her the one thing she wants most — time. A short reprieve to spend with her children, but it comes at a price. For some reason, this reaper (who goes by the name "Bellamy") insists on spending the same time with them. Grateful for the time but suspicious of his motivations, Blythe agrees to the conditions, concerned only for what her daughter might suspect. Rose knows somethings wrong with Bellamy. Her determination to uncover whatever confidences her mother is hiding, however, takes a strange turn when Bellamy begins to fascinate her instead. As time runs out for Blythe, secrets are revealed that  could change everything.

A contemporary tale with a bit of paranormal thrown in, “Silently into the Night” takes a new stance on death and the grim reapers that accompany it. With a steady pace, and interesting plot, the main catch in this tale is the snarky investigator vs. collected and polite reaper. The romance goes from zero to sixty but ends well, giving plenty of steam that mellows into depth. However, the conflict is minimal and some plot points are predictable, as most of the story deals with last regrets. Still, this is an interesting take on life and death and readers will find it worthy of reading.

Sarah E Bradley