The Seer’s Secret (The Diesel War Series Book 2)


DIESELPUNK:  Everyone in town knows that Molly is the best baker in town.  What no one knows is that Molly has talents beyond baking – she can see into the future.   Forces more powerful than Molly seek to use this talent for their own purposes. Endo’s mission is to protect Molly.  A lone wolf in more ways than one, he cannot deny the immediate and compelling feelings that Molly invokes in him.  While it is his duty to protect her, he cannot deny the powerful urges that draw him to her.

“The Seer’s Secret” is a fantastic read! Ms. Howard lovingly crafts a world that is gritty and full of surprises.  Molly is someone any reader would love to spend time getting to know - intelligent, humorous and one hell of a baker.   The attraction between Endo and Molly grows and turns into love very naturally in the developing story.  The reader has a sense of anticipation for the couple’s budding romance which echoes the feelings of the couple.

Some readers may find the quirky language of the world that Ms. Howard creates to be daunting, especially during the first part of the book.  Patience is the key. It doesn’t take long for one to become completely immersed in the world that Ms. Howard deftly creates.  Original, well-written, and a lot of fun, “The Seer’s Secret” will leave the reader eagerly waiting for more.

Gwenellen Tarbet