Sea Dragon’s Hunter: BAD Alpha Dads (The Fada Shapeshifter Series)


Four years ago, dolphin shifter Cassidy O’Byrne fell in love with Nic, a sea dragon shifter, and unbeknownst to him, became pregnant. When Nic left, Cassidy swore to raise their daughter on her own, which went as well as can be expected for the past years. But now a powerful fae has come for Cassidy’s daughter, Rianna, and Cassidy has no choice but to run to the only man she can trust with her daughter’s life and the only one who might be able to save them: Nic. 

When Nic sees Cassidy on his doorstep, he has conflicting emotions. He wants nothing more than a second chance with her… But the thought of the fae getting to his daughter because of the secret he’s been keeping all these years threatens to consume him with guilt. Can Cassidy and Nic rekindle their love and protect their daughter at the same time? 

While technically the fourth book in a series, the story reads like a stand-alone, and readers can start the series with this book without having to read the previous books. Both main characters are intriguing on their own, but together they’re a match ‘almost’ made in heaven, if not for their little hiccup at the start of their relationship. Nic is strong and protective and will stop at nothing to keep his family safe. The world building is detailed and complex, and the writing style is fluent and entertaining!

Majanka Verstraete