Saving Jace (A Fada Novel, Book 4)


Evie Morningstar is an ordinary young woman struggling to make ends meet, while taking care of her younger brother, Kyler, and going to school at the same time. Ordinary ends abruptly, however, when she finds a badly injured man on her doorstep late one night and takes him in. Jace, however, is no ordinary man. He is fada — one of the part-fae, part-human, part-animal shapeshifters from the notorious Baltimore clan. When Evie nurses him back to health, she brings a load of trouble down on herself and Kyler. As the plot rapidly twists and turns, Evie and Jace are drawn to each other in a primal bond that goes well beyond attraction. Beset on all sides, the only problem is they may not survive long enough to enjoy it.

This suspenseful and wonderfully satisfying tale dances effortlessly between the mundane world we know and the strange world of fada shapeshifters and magical, capricious and often dangerous fae. Believable in every aspect, Ms. Rivard delivers a fascinating and, at times, nail-biting plot full of fun twists that keep the reader guessing. The prose is delightfully crafted with a keen eye to details, especially the interplay of Jace’s human and animal natures. The villains are as well drawn as the heroes, and when the steam is on, it’s on full-bore. The unapologetically erotic sex scenes are some of the best ever. Primally exciting, sexy and downright fun, “Saving Jace” is an absolute winner!

Marc Joseph