Rule Breakers, Soul Takers


For over a century, gifted humans from the elite, secret organization called Hell Runners Society have sworn to rescue lost souls from the First Ring of Hell. Prudence Luckett wants nothing more than to be a Soul Saver. But when her father uses his position to prevent her from achieving her goals, the only way she can retain her position is by working together with the only Soul Saver ever demoted from Hell Runners Society – Jesse Thorne. Jesse Thorne is everything readers long for in a love interest: arrogant, sexy, loyal, and eager for the chance of redemption that Prudence offers, and together they concoct a plan to restore their reputations. When that backfires and one of Jesse’s darkest secrets is revealed, Prudence has to decide if she’s willing to stand by the man she’s falling in love with, possibly destroying her career.

The tension between Prudence and Jesse is tangible from the moment they meet. On their own, they’re both interesting characters, with complicated background stories and motivations that urge readers to figure out what drives them. Together, they have a connection that is obvious from the get-go and only strengthens throughout the book. With a strong plot that never slows down, intriguing characters and excellent world building, this is worth recommending to all fans of urban fantasy. 

Majanka Verstraete