The Reaper’s Kiss


William is a secucron — a half-human, half-demon reaper of souls. Betrayed by this father, who traded him to the Goddess of Death in exchange for his freedom, William was forced to take his father's place as a reaper himself. William's heart is broken by a love that feared he would steal her soul.  He searches for a way to secure his freedom from Giltine, the Goddess of Death, and live as a human.  On his quest he meets Natalie and falls hard for her, even though she gets on his every nerve. She persuades William to search the three levels of hell for her sister, who is also a secucron. With a deal made, the adventure between the two worlds begins.

“The Reaper’s Kiss” sports some excellently crafted characters, from William, the lowly secucron, all the way to the Giltine, the Goddess of Death. Their personalities are multi-faceted and go from morose to full-out temper in point two seconds. Descriptions of these characters are so detailed, one can see them in their mind’s eye. Both angels and demons are beautifully portrayed. In spite of the incredibly dynamic characters, the prose is tediously dense, and it will take a patient reader to make it through the book. The flashbacks from the present to the eighteen hundreds are nicely done, but there are a few disturbing moments that could unsettle readers. This is definitely a story that devolves from the norm and is very dark in nature, a great choice for fans of dark PNR.

Belinda Wilson