Queen of the Night Guild (Queen of Thieves, Book Three)


DARK FANTASY:  Ilanna of House Hawk, unsurpassed thief of the Night Guild, suddenly finds herself alone, having lost everything she held dear in a deliberate, alchemical fire that destroyed her home, her family, and most of her will to live. But when Ilanna discovers a traitor in the Night Guild, she sets out on a dangerous and painful journey of remorseless retribution against the feared Bloody Hand of Voramis. 

Fixated on revenge, Ilanna battles dukes, thugs, and even fellow members of the Night Guild. Picking off her enemies with painstaking determination, Ilanna uncovers a depth of depravity that rocks her very core.

Brilliant! A fascinating and superbly written tale of loss, tragedy, despair, hope, and love. The details of this dark and gritty world created by Mr. Peloquin will stun and please the reader on every level. Dark and heavy, light, and humorous, this intense story has it all. “Queen of the Night Guild,” book three in this exceptional series, will pull the reader in from the very beginning and not let go. The reader will reel with an emotional hangover. Character development and plot building are golden tickets in this story. The writing, creativity, and editing are splendid. This story is not for the faint of heart, and it is not a romantic tale, but epic fantasy at its finest. The reader will delight in falling in love with Ilanna, a true heroine in every sense of the word.

This story must be read in the order it was written as it is not a standalone novel. 

Tiffany Landers