Not a Chance (The Enchantlings #2)

Maureen L.

In a quirky town on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, twenty-something siblings Hope and Chance are much more than human. They come from a family steeped in generations of supernatural gifts and legendary portents. With their respective loves, Griffith and Berta, they work to keep their secrets hidden from the outside world when a nosy stranger comes to town. 

The author’s fresh blend of Greek mythology introduces Oppressors as a form of energy-sucking being hiding out in the woods surrounding the unnamed town that’s home to the Last Call bar. That innovative reimagining combined with references to conflicts and battles in the first book in the series, “Destiny Calling”, entice the reader to anticipate an enthralling adventure. Unfortunately, two key elements stall the story’s development and pacing. First, there’s a mismatch between the featured characters’ ages and their maturity. Their behavior is more consistent with high schoolers: whiny angstiness, poor judgement, bad-to-worse decision making, and childish wishful thinking. Second, an incident occurs about a third into the story where Hope’s choices are unethical and self-serving in her cavalier attitude toward someone’s safety. Also, one YA character presented as a 21st-century Stepford femme knows very little about computers. Maybe that’s explained in book one. Fortunately, the end of “Not a Chance” course-corrects into an engaging adventure with elements reminiscent of a Mercy Thompson tale by Patricia Briggs.

Cardyn Brooks