Misfortune of Time: Druids Brooch Series Book 6


FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  In 11th century Ireland, magic was an automatic death sentence. Étaín has been through many lifetimes because she doesn’t age. With the assistance of an ancestral brooch, she is able to utilize its magic to change her appearance in order to fit in to current times, yet she is forced to hide her abilities from the world lest she be burned as a witch. As time passes, she must flee, leaving her family behind, to begin a new life elsewhere. This time, Étaín is married to a brute who terrorizes her, yet she is connected very deeply to their young grandson, which makes escaping much more painful. As she ventures off to a different dimension, she has dealings with the feared fae, some of whom will aid her on her path, and others who want to steal her powers. When she returns from the land of the fae, many years have passed, but her past returns to threaten her very existence.

“Misfortune of Time” is an absolute marvel! Christy Nicholas deserves high praise for her extensive research and creativity in this medieval fantasy world. While this is book six in the Druids Brooch series, Ms. Nicholas writes with such precision that readers will feel as though they are reading book one. Her characters are remarkably unique and extremely well developed. The plot is full of twists, turns, excitement, and heart-wrenching moments that are stunningly engaging! Magic, priests, fairies and fae, as well as ordinary humans all interact to create an unputdownable story. The details are magnificent, and “Misfortune of Time” is an award worthy and fascinating story that begs for more. Bravo, Ms. Nicholas!

Tiffany Landers