Midnight Desire (Ravens Hollow Coven #1)


As the daughter of an absentee witch mom and a nomadic Roma dad, Willow McCray has always searched for a place to belong. Her coven was that safe place until accusations against her got her evicted as a sixteen-year-old loner. Desperate circumstances led to choices that tangled her up with shady people who years later now want her dead. Is the disappearance of her best friend Maeve connected to the threats against Willow? She goes undercover with Special Agent Alex Denopoulos to find answers. Dealing with witchcraft, demons, fae, organized crime and government bureaucracy presents multiple challenges for Willow and Alex to overcome as they search for the truth about her missing friend. 

Shari Nichols blends strong characterizations, organic layering of assorted legends and mythologies, and solid storytelling mechanics to offer readers a satisfying mash up. “Midnight Desire” is a love story set against the backdrop of a mystery with elements of a suspense thriller. A few minor things keep this story from perfection. Near the middle when Alex says, “… It’s practically textbook,” that phrase also sums up many of the predictable story points and conflicts between Willow and Alex. He apologizes for his bad behavior only about half as much as Willow does. Add the running theme of women as being catty to each other over a worthless man or men in general to the heavy usage of clichés like “hindsight was twenty-twenty” and they slightly water down an otherwise powerful story arc about karma and redemption. Readers looking for hot chemistry, personal drama, and dangerous adventure will find it here. 

Cardyn Brooks