Makeshift Mate (Alpha Singles #1)


Locke Winfield has always been too busy trying to juggle his work and Alpha-pack duties to spend quality time with his daughter, Sara. His pack has firmly ordered him to remedy that problem.  His solution?  Find a mate. He would like someone to care for Sara’s needs, as well as his own.  He joins the online dating service, “Alpha Singles”, where he meets Isabella.  The couple soon realizes they each have a problem that needs solving, so after some negotiating, they strike a deal.  Locke will give Isabella the shifters she needs for her security company if she will agree to be his ‘mate’ for several weeks. Can Locke change his workaholic ways and convince Isabella to be his mate for life?

This story is the very definition of sexy and sweet! The dialogue and banter between Isabella and Locke is sharp, saucy, and smart.  A single alpha male attempting to understand what happened to his adorable little girl as she segues into the preteen years is comical, as well as poignant. However, details of Locke’s shifter world and Isabella’s personal life and career are glossed over, leaving key elements of their characters underdeveloped.  While the sensuality is blazing hot between Isabella and Locke, readers will also enjoy watching the sexy alpha’s most important transformation — becoming a real father to Sara and a true mate to Isabella.  Paranormal fans will have a lot of fun with this steamy, but lighthearted romance!

Julie Whiteley