Lost in Whispers: A modern gothic paranormal mystery (The Dori O. Paranormal Mystery Series Book 3)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Detective Dori Orihuela’s life is going perfectly.  She is upwardly mobile in her law enforcement career and her relationship with her boyfriend Gavin and his daughter Bella is a dream come true. However, Dori’s unwanted psychic abilities and a persistent ghost named Roslyn threaten to destroy her hard-won happiness. Roslyn’s tragic past threatens to derail Dori’s future. Dori must unravel the mysteries of the past to bring peace to the restless spirit. Can she do it without sacrificing her own future? 

“Lost in Whispers” is a shining example of superb story telling. Ms. Castillo’s prose flows beautifully with superb pacing and excellently crafted dialogue. The reader is swept along as Dori embarks on a quest to unravel secrets from the past whose ramifications reach into her present-day experience. The author combines two story lines effortlessly, resulting in a well-paced story arc that keeps the reader hooked from first to last page. The paranormal elements are played perfectly creating in Dori a character that is tough, tender and believable as an unwilling recipient of her psychic gift. All the characters in “Whispers” are well-constructed individuals who contribute substance to the story line. Dori and Roslyn are women forced to make untenable choices; their courage in the face of adversity makes “Lost in Whispers” a ‘must’ for readers who hunger for a great story!

Gwenellen Tarbet.