Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Koi Pierce and her father are ‘dream eaters’, aka Baku. Koi grew up thinking she was just weird until she learned why others could not touch her bare skin. She can actually eat the dreams of others, but that ability is not without consequences and tribulations. Koi embarks on a wild journey to Japan with her father and friends to learn about her heritage, and an unusual world opens up to her.

A dragon operative, Stone, is chasing one of his own. A Dragon has fallen from the sky right into Cynthia’s jurisdiction and as a detective, she has an obligation to find the culprit responsible and arrest him. However, the case becomes complicated when dragon operative Stone becomes involved.

TIME TRAVEL:  With a child on the way, Dusty and Dee think that everything will be smooth sailing now that they are back from the past, even though many things have changed in their new reality. However, their offspring heralds monumental changes, the Guardians are watching, and the Malveks are plotting to discover why the planet they planned to invade is no longer viable.

Haunted Hearts

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Thrilled with her inheritance, Callie Thompson moves to the small town of Shadow Valley and into her new home. When the lights start to flicker and strange noises continue, she becomes uneasy about staying in the old house. Sheriff Carter Landry doesn’t have time to investigate things that go bump in the night and he knows Callie’s house isn’t haunted.

Brenna is an ice dragon whose family rules the kingdom of Taydaryn in Norwegia. With her mother, the queen, dying, Brenna will soon have to take her mother’s place. Still, with a booming clothing business in Chicago, Brenna isn’t exactly looking forward to being a queen.