Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Discovering that she is a dragon shifter, has Maddie Thompson feeling like her world has just turned upside down. She never quite fit into the human world and this new reality feels oddly right. Being told that she needs to choose a mate and will die if she chooses wrong is something else entirely. Fallon Conleth is shocked when he is summoned as a potential mate.

Dabria is the daughter of the grim reaper and always could sense something about people by reading the core of them. When Dabria is called upon to check into a very strange guy named Maximus “Max” Remo, she can’t figure out why she can’t read him at all.

Blood and Magic

For over four centuries, protagonist Gray has been a Dhampir, an immortal being and a mix of a vampire and witch. She longs for her humanity back, and desperately holds onto whatever humanity she has left. Yet, having awoken from a three-year coma caused by her lover (or shall we now say ex-lover) she’s driven to get revenge, no matter what the price is. 

MEDIEVAL FANTASY:  Years ago, Nikolai of Semar rescued a young girl, Arianrhod, from a horrible fate and sent her away to safety.  He was never able to forget the little girl with the silver hair and often thought of her.  Their encounter stayed with the Dragon King.  Arianrhod felt the same.

Her partner has disappeared, and Gray has zero leads and must seek allies in the Hall of Secrets where she discovers a mysterious cult and dark family secrets.  With a new threat to humanity and her kind alike, Gray will have to not only use her dark magic and rely on the person she distrusts the most, she will have to travel from New Orleans to Scotland, Romania and the Underworld to find new