Legacy of Evil (Hotel LaBelle Series # 2)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Horse whisperer Emma Horserider is called out to investigate after a wild mustang is shot on a ranch in Montana.  She is almost killed when a drone mounted with an automatic weapon opens fire on her. When she lets her brother know what happened, he sends a black ops biker to her door to keep her safe and find out what is happening on the reservation. Bronco Winchester has his own talents, and he and Emma go undercover to break up a white supremacist hate group.  

This story is well researched and the author even provides links to find the research she used to write this fascinating tale. The rich heritage is masterfully woven into the story, showing readers how hate groups operate. The legacy of damage comes full circle for Bronco. The orientation of the characters is strongly detailed through thoughts, emotions and interactions. However, the powers of the characters is a bit of a stretch. The romance is secondary to the main plot, giving the book a literary feel instead of being a romantic suspense.  A fabulous book, "Legacy of Evil" is hard to put aside, until one gets to the end! 

Laura Dinsdale