Karma Debt: The Awakening, Book One


Donovan doesn’t recall anything before waking up in a hospital room and seeing Doctor Josephine Kenneth by his side. His family is ecstatic, so when he mentions a barely remembered conversation with a black-winged angel, they chalk it all up to a miracle and move on. Josephine is equally relieved that her patient has recovered from his motorcycle accident. So, when they meet a year later and sparks fly, they decide fate is giving them a chance. I- this all just chance, or did Donovan make a deal with an angel for more?

A contemporary romance with hints at divine intervention, “Karma’s Debt” is the first book in “The Awakening” series, with an almost cliffhanger-type ending. An intriguing setup, the story begins with Donovan being near death, and Josephine calling on the debt she feels God owes her. The romance is developed steadily with enough steam to fuel a locomotive, and a steady enough pace to cross the country. The tragedies Josephine has endured, however, are repeatedly glossed over, without the emotion attached to reel the reader in, except for in one scene. The plot is also predictable, and the story thus feels like all buildup without the big conflict taking place. Still, the story has plenty of interesting points to build on, and fans of contemporary romance might want to give this one a try.

Sarah E Bradley