The House Adelia Built


Hope is an agoraphobic recluse with the charge of looking after and directing tours of Amity Lighthouse. Her roommate, co-worker, and friend Tracy is happily engaged and planning to move from the lighthouse, but before she does she manages to introduce Hope to a man named Clooney. With Tracy leaving and her relationship with Clooney becoming stronger, Hope’s insecurities and fear gain steam, manifesting themselves as visions of a woman dying at the lighthouse. As she tries to gather historical information about the lighthouse, she learns that only she and Clooney hold the key to what the premonitions mean and how to progress.

"The House Adelia Built" is a thriller that will keep the reader guessing and turning pages faster than their eyes can absorb the words! The past and present seamlessly merge as confusion turns to dawning horror, shock, and plain fear for the characters. Most of the characters are well drawn, with a backstory and motivation for moving forward, however, the two love interests are simply handsome enigmas. Nothing is really known of them and they are written as perfect, with no other details than the "sweetly in love" version. The lighthouse is not described well which leads to it not being thought of as having a role to play. Be that as it may, this is definitely one story to keep around and share with as many persons as possible.

Yannie Sorensen