Hidden (Tales of Ryca #1)


EPIC FANTASY:  In a land where magic is banned and wielding it means death lives a woman named Gilly, who lives on the outskirts of society and secretly watches her younger sister grow up. Anna, Gilly's sister, has no knowledge of their connection and believes Gilly a stranger. When dangerous men come to town, however, Gilly is forced to re-enter Anna’s life, begging her to leave and bring her family with her. Linked together by their shared ability to use magic, they travel across their homeland to escape the men hunting them. Anna’s plan is to beg the king for mercy, while all Gilly wants is to run away. What Gilly does not know is that one day she will face a fate more dangerous than she could realize — one that, though forgotten, has been haunting her her entire life. 

Gilly’s mysterious past and ominous future create an intriguing story full of action, magic, and love. In a book that spins together the dark and the light, readers can expect nothing less than a fantastic book! One cannot help but be fascinated by the complex characters and magical world the author has created; however, it sometimes seems the magic is used as the easy way out. Gilly, who has always been cautious in her use of magic, suddenly finds herself able to undo the most complex spells. If there was a natural lead up to her strengthening power, some signs of struggle, her triumphs would leave a stronger impact on readers. Despite this, the twists and turns at every flip of a page will keep readers on their toes. 

Hannah Hurdle