Hell Of a Night

Hope Daniels,
Alicia Dawn

JT Kirkland is born into battle magic, yet he wants to serve his country in the Navy.  Tessa Windham is leaving Kansas to make her way as an agent for the American’s Witch Council.  The two meet in the big city but are ripped apart, only meeting up 50 years later.  The world in the 80’s is vastly different than when they met, yet they find each other again. Unfortunately, Tessa has no memory of him or the time they had shared together all those years ago.

The story is unique and has an interesting plot.  JT wants to trigger Tessa to remember him, and Tessa wants to be with JT in every way, and their flirtations are written beautifully.  The vast number of characters all contribute to the great story of how Tessa’s past is tied to all the conflicts that are happening in the present.  The story is hard to follow with the jumping back and forth between past and present, and the conflicts are not resolved leaving a cliffhanger ending.  The emotions and situations jump from mole hill size to mountainous, without much buildup to draw it out.  The book has a warning for audience 18+, which should be heeded due to the content of dark magic and sacrifices. A good book for the witchcraft genre.

Laura Dinsdale