Heir of Ashes

Jina S.

FANTASY:  Roxanne has been through hell in her life. Tortured and used for experiments, she has escaped and is trying to remain one step ahead of those who want to hurt her. Hunted by the scientists behind the experiments on her, she is also pursued by paranormal bounty hunters. As she tries to find answers to why she is being put through this, she finds herself being captured by different groups. She discovers that she is not the abnormal human she first thought, she is something far more interesting and rare. She also has a unique ability that people want to harness for their own ends. Will she be able to stay one step ahead and get the answers she so desperately seeks?

A non-stop action adventure from the first page, readers will find themselves feeling as exhausted as the main character while reading this book. With an array of different creatures to contend with, Roxanne finds herself in many different difficult situations. Readers might find themselves having to take a breather from the constant excitement and action. Certain points in the story are confusing and readers may be forced to backtrack. There were a few punctuation and grammar errors and a few instances where there was lack of description, which would have added to the story. Overall, Jina S. Bazzar has produced a unique and fast-paced novel that will leave readers breathless! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick