Hear Me Cry: A Fantasy Romance Retelling of the Irish Legend of the Banshee

Amanda J

FANTASY:  “Hear Me Cry” by Amanda J. Evans is a delightful and engaging short story and a retelling of an old Irish legend, as the title indicates. It’s fae versus humans, and the fae consider humans a feared and hated enemy. When Isla hears a cry beyond the veil, she can’t help but push through to rescue the feared human—a human who touches her soul with one look, one touch. Sean’s arm reveals the runes, a foretelling that he is Isla’s bonded mate. But how can that be possible? She is fae. He is human. She rushes back to her side of the veil to get this deep connection extracted from her soul before it’s too late, but when she discovers the diabolical plot of her leaders, it’s more than her heart can take. 

Amanda J. Evans lights it up in this tormenting and haunting love story that grabs the heart and soul. Ms. Evans knows exactly how to pull her readers inside the story, feeling her characters’ longing, pain, joy, and the deep connection she writes with impunity. Magic and lore beckons in this fantasy retelling of the Irish Legend of the Banshee. The story is so delightful that the realization it’s a short story is slightly disappointing, and the story would perhaps be much more satisfying if it were a full-length novel. The plot could have been much more creative and more thoroughly developed, even if it is a retelling of an old story. All in all, “Hear Me Cry” is a fascinating tale that begs to be read without pause. A magnificent piece of art!

Tiffany Landers