Frejya's Daughter (Wild Women Book 1)


Bounty hunter Faline Frey prefers to use conventional methods to catch her targets instead of the powers she has as a Huldra — or wild women, as they are also known. A local group of holy soldiers known as Hunters keeps an eye on her kind to ensure that they behave themselves. She does not want to bring herself to their attention. When she needs a little release, she opts to go on a date; however, it does not exactly go as planned.  Her former lover Marcus Garcia teams up with Laura to help find her missing sister and the other wild women who have gone missing. Faline finds herself having to try and convince the wild women to do something they swore never to do. Will she and Marcus succeed?

The action in this book begins right away. Readers are pulled in through the first person point of view and are taken on the journey by Faline as she fights for her kind. There are an array of interesting characters and creatures in this book. Rachel Pudelek has created a unique scenario and fast-paced plot. The world created is fascinating and there are hints of politics within the different factions. The one thing that lacks is a the lack of passion between Faline and Marcus; there could have been more heat between them. For those who enjoy paranormal romance, this is a must read. This is a great read for the summer vacation.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick