Forged in Fire (The Fire Chronicles #2)


TIME TRAVEL:  Beth Leighton is an American who moved to Scotland to marry the love of her life, or so she thought. One bad decision turns her world upside down as she is hurled into the past, awakening just as a highwayman is robbing a stagecoach… in England! How she ended up in England 200 years in the past is a mystery to her, until she meets an archangel who gives her an important mission. She must recover a cursed stone if she wishes to get back home. Christopher “Kit” Locke, a highwayman with a damaged soul, is the only person who can help her retrieve it. Yet, he prefers to work alone, having no interest in Beth or her plans, until she works her way under his skin. This strange woman with a strange language may just be the salvation he has been waiting for.   

The story is fast-paced with action and adventure from page one, along with several laughs as Beth tries to blend in, most unsuccessfully, in 18th century England. The book starts seemingly where book one left off. However, readers just picking up this book may be confused about who the characters are, what they are seeking, and why. More background information would help a first-time reader of this series. Though well written with vivid details and great research on the time, editing errors are just frequent enough to pull one from the story more than once. The struggle between Kit and Beth is amusing and entertaining, making the reader laugh frequently and cheer when they finally let their guards down! 

Dahlia Gosney