The Foes Between Us: The Last Wizard # 1

J. M.

HISTORICAL:  Zadicayn is a wizard, imprisoned since the Middle Ages — 324 years. Brynn lives in England in 1842. They could not be further apart by time or closer together by fate. Brynn’s cousin, Reuben, dies under suspicious circumstances and she suspects murder. He had been trying to find and free Zadicayn and now leaves Brynn ambiguous clues to complete the quest he died for. 

The chemistry between Brynn and Zadicayn is sweet and organic. It takes almost to the end of the book for Brynn to unravel the clues Reuben left her, but once she finds Zadicayn, she finds more than just a wizard — she finds her fate. The language is a big plus with the story, as it is not easy to mesh Middle Ages English with 1800’s English. It is handled well and with good believability. Due to the period, there is little PDA beyond touches on the arm and kisses on the cheek.

Fiction, fantasy, history and a little humor...what's not to love? There are some issues that hold the story back from a better rating characterization and pacing: Brynn’s parents seemed flat and hard to understand. Readers might have a hard time identifying with many characters. The tied dress issue seemed redundant. The most important issue is no clear conflict or resolution. Brynn’s father accepted a marriage request from a man who the reader is led to believe does not even like Brynn, though he courted her most of the book. Brynn struggles with her future, and which direction she should go, as if she might get to choose. Readers will need to read the second book to learn what happens next in this soap opera-esque series. With Brynn and Zadicayn’s strong feelings, readers can hope they see more of them together!

Emerson Matthews