Flame and Form (Draghans of Firiehn, #1)

Jenna Elizabeth

Brienne is a fierce warrior and has had to fight her way through life — literally. She is a survivor and as strong as any man, although she has faced years of torture and emotional pain. She and her spirit guide, a large white wolf, have an amazing connection and they fearlessly volunteer to take a draghan out of the local village. This draghan is injured, and although very large and intimidating, Brienne seems to connect with him and feels bad for what others have done to him. 

The draghan, Dorran (who is able to shift to a human form), and his posse add an endearing dimension to this story. There is encouragement for a female who feels undeserving and unworthy of any love. Maybe Dorran can give Bri the hope for another chance at a life truly worth living.

Ms. Johnson creates another time and place with this first installment of the series.  There is much going on and many layers to the story. The shifter is an unexpected surprise and readers will truly engage when he is revealed. The connection that he and Brienne share is undeniable. The communication and language barrier may frustrate readers as the book progresses; however, all is explained at the end. A bit of translation may bring readers closer the story sooner. Overall a wonderful fantasy story that will draw the readers to recall these characters long after the book is done!

Viola Robins