Dark Wine At Sunrise (A Hill Vampire Novel Book 2)


MYSTERY:  Cerissa yearns to feel Henry's fangs in her neck so they can become blood mates. It would mean they couldn’t be kept apart which is a strong possibility. With Henry healing from an assassination attempt, the assassin in a coma, Cerissa must work out why someone wants Henry dead. Being together is against ancient vampire code and even her own people are not happy about the march. But Cerissa is determined to be with Henry and become his mate. She won’t let anything stand in her way.

From the first line, this book draws you in and keeps you prisoner until the end. The characters are fabulously written and the relationship between Henry and Cerissa is searing hot. Readers will feel their passion radiating off the page. There is enough information to fill in any blanks for readers who maybe haven’t read the first book. The plot moves along at a good pace and speeds up in various parts which made it go much quicker. There will be many readers who will want more from this author. Jenna Barwin can tell a story and creates characters and situations that are both engaging and enthralling. A paranormal romance worthy of the genre. Sensual, sophisticated and sinfully addictive!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick