Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

AJ Moore is trying to find her bearings, after her father’s recent death.  She was close to him, and she feels the loss keenly.  She climbs on the craggy rocks near her hometown of Bayside, Oregon, and visits nearby tidal pools to feel close to him, because these are special things they used to share, which ignited her love of learning.  While rock climbing one day, she is enveloped by a strang

Micah is a Being, one who used to be emotionless, but since he met Harliss Tanielu, big changes are happening fast and he’s losing control of everything. Harliss Tanielu is a wild cougar looking for a bit of excitement, which she finds when sparks fly upon meeting Micah.

Full of mistrust and fear, Adara Kerslake left Luke Griffiths after he captured her heart in order to keep her identity a secret from the Cynn Cruors. But the needs of a loved one forces her to reconnect and puts her back into the world she fought so hard to escape, including Luke and the passion that haunts her.

SCI-FI:  Ranier Barakiel is a Covalent warrior fighting to protect his city from demons. The demons are sent by Barakiel’s father, Lucifer, who wants his son dead. Barakiel is banished to Earth for protection against Lucifer. While on earth Barakiel has a mysterious business and interests in ancient weaponry.

New Orleans is in trouble! Demons have escaped from the underworld and are arriving in town. Gray has no choice but to bring forth the Hades Protocol, which means the Gods will assist with the situation. With Harpies standing in her way, Gray knows that there is a high cost to gain entry to Elysium.