Captain's Lady


HISTORICAL:  Captain Jack Boone would like nothing more than to sail the seas. When he inherits the title of Viscount of Rothwell, everything changes and his contemporaries urge the new Lord to find a wife. Katherine Ashe is in her first — and only — season. She and her sister have only this one chance to make a good marriage match. While Katherine is content to be an old maid, her sister finds herself pregnant with no chance of marriage. When Jack is called to help with a dilemma the sister is having, he sees an opportunity for marriage to Kate, which would in turn solve all of their problems. With the promise of help for her sister and an estate to oversee, Kate readily agrees. Jack and Kate find themselves with a marriage that is a little more than convenient.

The eloquent prose is both enchanting and riveting. Readers will be engrossed and wanting more. The regency setting with an element of magic woven in is absolutely captivating. The reality of magic in this story is integrated flawlessly and as a result it is very believable. Author Jamailia Brinkley paints an exquisite portrait of words upon the pages, using a unique understanding of the regency period, making this a must-read for fans of the genre.  The use of a diverse word economy adds to the read. "Captain's Lady" is a fantastic picture, created with beautifully described detail in order to indulge the reader's imagination. 

Jessica Samuelsen