Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Diomere’s Healer
Sabrina A.

FANTASY:  Arriana Quionnes must search for the cure that will save her nephew and prince from a poison that killed her king. She and her two companions must venture beyond the gate and into a world of magic. Through a series of events, she saves the life of Treves Tourbillon.

Ghost of a Chance

Sixteen-year old Sarah Atwell turns her back on her beloved grandmother, her love of horses and a career as a champion rider after discovering she’s not what society would deem normal. Twelve years later, in a twist of coordinated fate, Sarah inherits her grandmother's horse farm. The conditions attached to her inheritance lead to Sarah meeting former Redclaw agent Casey Barnes. 

FANTASY:  Teodor Bacheva is a faithful servant of the Crimson Sun, dedicated to protecting the northern kingdoms while war and rumors of war are breaking out on their southern borders. He and his giant companion Tyr Og are to protect Princess Nitalia of Castle Frantisek at all costs.

Baxley Powell — landscaper, pet sitter, and psychic consultant extraordinaire, woke up covered in blood.  Her boyfriend, Sam Mayes is next to her; he too is covered in blood, and neither of them remembers how it happened.  Baxley believes her spirit guide Rose may have shanghaied her.

HISTORICAL:  Robert the Dark has completed his abusive sorcerer training and has set out to fulfill the prophecy that will restore the dragons and save humanity.