Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

This addition to the Sylvan City Alphas book is not to be missed!  Cage Gamble, the sleek sexy jaguar shifter, has a successful fight club for shifters and men to fight in a ring or cage.  Then his world takes a flip when his friend dies and leaves Cage in charge of his lioness shifter daughter who is in her teens.

Join the mystery story of Mystic Rayne and Caden Silverwind and discover why the attack on Mystic has brought warrior angels and demons to aid in the answers.

Maria Del Voscova is a powerful witch, chosen to become a member of the elite Guardians. While she wants to be a Guardian at all costs, it also comes with a risk: if anyone finds out the truth about her messed-up family, the consequences will be dire. 

Leana lives with a lot of guilt, believing she is to  blame for destroying her sisters' lives.  When a way to save her sisters presents itself, she grabs the opportunity with both hands. She disguises herself as a mortal woman, hiding from the world of magic. Then she meets Kendrick, a man who is so tormented by the loss of his wife, he has vowed never to love again.

FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  In 11th century Ireland, magic was an automatic death sentence. Étaín has been through many lifetimes because she doesn’t age. With the assistance of an ancestral brooch, she is able to utilize its magic to change her appearance in order to fit in to current times, yet she is forced to hide her abilities from the world lest she be burned as a witch.