Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

HISTORICAL:  Rory MacGregor is a legendary warrior known for his love conquests, yet it was one mortal female who managed to capture his own heart. When his dark secret is revealed, his punishment is to eseal the wounds caused by her death. When he finds the timeline altered, however, he vows to rewrite fate, even if it means giving his life for hers.

Scorched Hearts

Adopted at a young age, Bex St. James has spent years hiding and suppressing her she-dragon from her non-shifter family using science. With her time running out, Bex suddenly finds herself drawn to the small town of Ember Brooke, and Thane Munroe. Thane has been waiting a century for his mate. When Bex arrives, he immediately senses the change in the atmospheres and that she is his mate.

Winds of Time

HISTORICAL/TIME TRAVEL:  Selena Tillman is haunted by her ancestor, Mary Tillman, who disappeared over a hundred years ago. She dreams of Captain Casey, the man accused of killing Mary. Each night she dreams of the Captain's body lying on Mary’s porch, scalped by an unknown vigilante.

EPIC FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  Using her rare ability to shatter spell magic, Breaker Nazafareen erases her memories.  She is on a quest to start a new life, but instead finds herself enmeshed in a deeper mystery with origins from the past. Something ancient and vengeful is stirring in the death zone.

SCI-FI:  Aliens still threatened the Dark Planet, war still wages on Earth and Dawning Hope Smith, the symbol of the New Republic is struggling to find her place with the prophecy and the one man she cannot stand. However, she will need him, heart and soul if she wants any chance of surviving when pure evil strikes with the intention of breaking Dawn.