Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

My Vampire

Collegian Sasha is an otherworldly storm sprite whose blood is irresistible to vampires.  She is saved by a sexy vampire, and in the process, they form a special bond.  Killian is her vampire protector, but both of them want more.  As Sasha is targeted by demons seeking a special amulet and her ability to activate it, and other vampires who want her blood, her vampire is there to protect her. 

Kiuno wakes up alone in a strange wood, with nothing but the clothes on her back. Confused and disorientated, she wanders the forest until she stumbles across an encampment of people whose circumstances are like her own. She makes alliances with others in this strange world. Together, they determine that they are trapped in a game they all played in the ‘real world’.

Red Velvet Vampire

Lacy Cooper is used to anonymity. Although her employer is a man who works for the stars, she is used to flying under the radar. She is a curvy attractive woman who loves cupcakes and is used to her mundane life — until the hottest hunk in Hollywood, Jack Dupree, takes an interest in her. His interest does not wane after dinner and Lacy finds herself swept into Jack’s glamorous world.

Libby Miller has everything: a loving husband, a satisfying career and great children. However, on her nineteenth anniversary her world is shattered — she discovers that her husband Neil is having an affair, and then a car accident leaves her a widow. At first, she believes that she is in shock when she sees Neil’s ghost. It soon becomes apparent that Neil has no intention of moving on.

FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  Catrin is the victim of a curse. On the day her father’s former queen was executed, she put a curse on the king’s future heirs. She prophesized that his own children and a foreign enemy would destroy him: the Raven, the Blood Wolf, and a mighty empire.