Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  In 11th century Ireland, magic was an automatic death sentence. Étaín has been through many lifetimes because she doesn’t age. With the assistance of an ancestral brooch, she is able to utilize its magic to change her appearance in order to fit in to current times, yet she is forced to hide her abilities from the world lest she be burned as a witch.

There’s a serial rapist on the loose, and Detective Macey Carpenter is perplexed. With each occurrence, witnesses describe a different man as the killer, yet the clues are all too similar to ignore. Luke Mason is the Alpha Wolf in the Crescent City Wolf Pack.

HISTORICAL/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Madison has always stood out, and not just for her kindness. Her gift of visions leads  her to the police station, and assisting in the efforts to find a lost boy. That leads to her encounter with Officer Cameron Westland’s sister, who requests her help.

There is a new Lord of the Night — Dominic Marchant — and he is eager to bring peace and love to his kingdom. However, he also longs  to function more as human, and be able to walk in the light again. His mortal Queen, Cassidy, is trying to figure out how to be a part of his world without becoming a vampire. Although he means to maintain peace, not all are willing to bow down to Dominic.

MYSTERY:  When reporter Sierra Hall travelled to Colorado she never expected to be transported all the way to 1895!  To survive in this era, Sierra becomes a Harvey Girl but soon discovers girls are mysteriously disappearing. In order to correct history and potentially return to her own timea, Sierra must solve the disappearances in order.