Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

While relaxing in a bar, Hope feels drawn to a disturbance in a corner.  A deliciously dark and rugged man catches her attention and stirs her dragon in a way she has never felt before. The man, Aaron, has been lost and drifting since his twin died months before, but when he looks into Hope’s eyes, he feels more than hope, he feels the rest of his life.

Locke Winfield has always been too busy trying to juggle his work and Alpha-pack duties to spend quality time with his daughter, Sara. His pack has firmly ordered him to remedy that problem.  His solution?  Find a mate.

Heir of Ashes
Jina S.

FANTASY:  Roxanne has been through hell in her life. Tortured and used for experiments, she has escaped and is trying to remain one step ahead of those who want to hurt her. Hunted by the scientists behind the experiments on her, she is also pursued by paranormal bounty hunters.

Bounty hunter Faline Frey prefers to use conventional methods to catch her targets instead of the powers she has as a Huldra — or wild women, as they are also known. A local group of holy soldiers known as Hunters keeps an eye on her kind to ensure that they behave themselves. She does not want to bring herself to their attention.

MYSTERY:  Lyra Mayet has dedicated her career to proving that Pharaoh Horemheb had children. She cannot believe her luck when she discovers the tomb of Horemheb's daughter, Namire. By opening the tomb, Lyra has inadvertently allowed a dangerous enemy to steal a feather that can bring chaos to the world. Asim is given the task of finding the feather.