Swing Vote: Safe Harbors #3

Donna K.
New Adult

Marine and Cobra helicopter pilot Marc North was on a humanitarian mission when an IED exploded and shattered both his leg and his relationship.  After spending a year in physical and psychological therapy, Marc is eager to fly again.  He and his Marine buddy, Ike, have teamed up to start a business flying tourists on sightseeing tours around Southern Utah, using Ike’s family home as their base of operation.  Marc is looking forward to meeting Ike’s brothers whom he has heard so much about.  However, “Terk” is not a brother at all, rather she a fiery haired beauty named McKenzie Terkildsen.  McKenzie has taken over as caregiver for her two younger brothers after the tragic death of her mom and step-dad.  Although wary of another male in the house, McKenzie warms to Marc’s handsome looks and good heart, but is that enough when ex-girlfriends and civil unrest threaten both their relationship and their very lives?

As a wounded veteran, Marc has more than enough reason to be angry and bitter, but thanks to the work he has done with his therapists, he is remarkably open and stable.  It is refreshing to read a novel that portrays mental health in such a positive light.  McKenzie is a sweet mother hen who wants to help those around her.  Both kind and caring people, Marc and McKenzie are a natural fit and their bittersweet story keeps the reader engaged.  Although this is the third installment in the Safe Harbors series, it not only stands alone very well, but also hints at other gems that may be found within the series. 

Elissa Blabac