Grayghost: An Urban Fantasy Fairy Tale

New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Dr. Olive Kennedy, who works for the Houston PD stands in a room of a murdered young woman,  puzzling over who killed her. The detectives working the case believe it’s a ghost, but Olive doesn’t believe in ghosts. When another young woman is almost killed in the same manner, Olive decides to find out once and for all if it is truly a ghost. What Olive finds is truly a spirit-entity a grayghost. Olive follows the grayghost to a familiar place, Faythander, to stop it. When Olive arrives at Faythander, everyone, especially her estranged husband Kull, is suspicious and questions her motives. Olive has a lot to prove that she is not only Kull’s wife but to stop the grayghost before it destroys their world.

The story weaves humans, warriors, elves, witches, goblins and ghosts quite easily, though the magical creatures are pretty vaguely described. The story did drag at times and wasn’t easy to understand. It might be useful to read the others in the series before this book.  Despite Olive being a witch and having magical powers, she is someone readers will easily relate to because of her strong and resilient nature. Olive’s struggle to find her place, not only on Earth but at Faythander seems all too real. Only her hope of finding the place where she belongs will bring readers a sense of relief. Kull the bullheaded handsome warrior-hero will annoy readers making it difficult to believe in his feelings for Olive. Nonetheless, readers will still enjoy the fantasy and the different worlds.

Roslynn Ernst