Reviews - Mystery

Nora’s mother has just passed away, and to accommodate her final wishes, Nora makes her way to Texas to deliver a letter to a man she has never met. She had assumed it was a love letter, but when the recipient is murdered, Nora learns the truth about the contents. As the last person to see Adam Brockwell alive, she is the primary suspect and Nora feels has to conduct her own investigation.

When Time is a River

Eighteen-year-old Brandy has had to adjust to a number of big changes — not the least of which is having a stepmother only a few years older than she is, and a three-year-old half-sister.

Cathy’s World

On her way home one evening, forensic artist Matti James almost hits her frantic neighbor with her car. Something is definitely amiss, and it is at the home of Matti's next-door neighbor, former child star Cathy Britton. Mattie draws her gun and runs in, and is immediately notices the scent of natural gas.

After divorcing her cheating husband, Kaley thought her life couldn't get much worse. When she returns to her home in Hawaii, however, things are more upset than she expected. One of her Aunt Riki’s employees at Happy Hula Dress Boutique is found dead behind the store and her Aunt becomes the prime suspect.

Eddie Collins is still trying to make it in Hollywood, but until he does, PI work keeps him busy. When an old flame from his past named Carla, also known as Velvet La Rose, comes looking for help tracking down her missing brother, Frankie, Eddie finds himself caught up in a mystery fit for classic noir.