Rocky Road & Revenge (Cambria Clyne Mysteries #2)


Cambria Clyne desperately needs the upcoming property inspection with the trustee of the apartment complex she manages to go well. If she can impress the trustee, promotion could be within reach. And just maybe she’ll be able to sort her feelings for her dreamy but commitment phobic baby daddy and the handsome police detective who turns her to goo with a kiss. Unfortunately, her best friend Amy is framed for the murder, her office at the complex accidentally catches fire, someone abandons an urn on the property that might be cursing her, the residents are up to their usual crazy antics, and her daughter needs her attention too. Cambria wants to help prove her friend’s innocence, but when the killer sets their sights on her, the property inspection might be the least of Cambria's worries.

A funny cozy mystery, “Rocky Road & Revenge” is the second book in the Cambria Clyne Mysteries series and features all of the expected plot and character devices, a dead body, amateur detective, a cute kid, pets galore, minimal swearing, violence, and sex, and of course a nice romantic sub plot. All this is done with a steady pace, clear writing, and minor character development. The main problem is that Cambria does not really solve the mystery so much as stumble over the answer. She has a couple of moments where she actually hunts for clues, and the rest of the time it is pure coincidence and luck that she finds anything. Still, as far as cozies go, this book is really a hilarious comedy of errors, with a quirky heroine, smoldering love triangle fans of cozies can enjoy.

Sarah E Bradley