Murder Will Out


Tom Logan is pulled into a murder mystery of a previous coworker who has also been a loyal friend. It is not easy to track all involved, but Tom is determined to find out what happened and help to keep others safe. In 1930’s Los Angeles the days are warm and the criminals are looking for any way to move around the law. When a young prostitute goes missing her friend knows some answers and wants to help. How many more will die while hiding the secrets of the masterminds behind the illegal activity? 

Murders and mystery find Tom Logan again and again. Each time he puts himself in danger and is fully committed to finding the guilty participants and justice for those no longer able to tell their stories. 

Mr. Piazza has quite a knack to transport readers to old-time Los Angeles. He draws them in to assist in solving his cases. The period and scenes of the three stories within “Murder Will Out” are all deftly written with well-drawn characters and highly suspenseful drama. The situations are suitable to the time and  keep readers turning pages at a high rate. Many may be left wanting for more; all stories have closure but also have opportunity to carry on. This is a clean, quick, murderous book, that isn’t too graphic and has plot-twisting elements to please all who enjoy this genre. Keep an eye out for this author and add him to your favorites list!

Viola Robins