Reviews - Mystery

Eddie Collins is still trying to make it in Hollywood, but until he does, PI work keeps him busy. When an old flame from his past named Carla, also known as Velvet La Rose, comes looking for help tracking down her missing brother, Frankie, Eddie finds himself caught up in a mystery fit for classic noir.

HISTORICAL:  America in 1933 is no place for a reporter who writes the hard truth. This is exactly how Caro James ends up in Hollywood for a week — sent to write a fluff piece after she exposes a politician’s affair back in New York.

Canadian expatriate Aaron Landers is forced onto a dark path through his connection to Yucatan State Police commandant, Luis Guiterrez. What is supposed to be an easy money scheme soon turns them onto a dark road.

The Ostermann House

Michael and Audrey Felton are university professors in Houston, Texas, who decide that a home in the country might just be the balm they need after living in the city. When they find the country home on acreage at a very low price, they jump at the opportunity to be the next owners.

When A-list actor Kirk Ford wakes up with a dead girl in his bed, Jake Longly and his girlfriend Nicole are hired to look into what appears to be a pretty straightforward case. As much as Nicole wants to believe that her old friend Kirk is as innocent as he claims, the fact remains that two people were in a locked hotel room, and Kristi Guidry wound up dead.