Reviews - Mystery

Fleeing her alcoholic father, Bella, age five, and her mother escape Able Manor. She returns at eighteen after her mother dies and is shocked by the condition of the house of which she is now half-owner. She’s aware that she can only trust Eli, a college student home for the summer.

Kendall Whitaker is an aspiring actress who will do whatever it takes for fame – including working at a film studio as an assistant to the unhappy Mr. Poole.  After working there for a year, she is no closer to stardom. Life is boring and predictable until actor Grayson Ellis comes on the scene. Kendall is smitten with the actor and surprised when he feels the same about her.

Trudy Selucas is a hospice nurse who has seen too many people die. She takes a vacation to Texas in order to try to unwind and pursue her photography hobby. She finds herself in a most awkward situation while on the hunt for perfect nature photographs: her pants around her ankles and a rattlesnake ready to strike her bare bottom.

Mae December, a well-known and well-liked member of Rosedale, believes she is safe and over her former fiancé Noah West. As she scouts locations for a film, she comes face to face with Noah's ghost, just months before her marriage to Sheriff Ben Bradley.

River Whispers
Rachelle J.

The tragic loss of his wife Gina and infant son in a horrible car accident has traumatized Jack Bentley. He is trying to stay strong for his five-year-old daughter, Hallie, who has not spoken for weeks about the loss of her mommy and brother. Jack is relying on his mother-in-law, Helen, to help him take care of Hallie when he has to go back to work.