Reviews - Mystery

When Cambria Clyne—klutzy, twenty-something single mom who’s desperate but unqualified—takes a job as an apartment manager at an LA complex, she thinks her life is finally about to turn around for the good. She’s right. Until she finds a dead body in the apartment dumpster, and a crime spree races through the complex.

Benedicta, ‘Ben’, is a lawyer in a small town in the far northwest of Ireland.  Only there for six years, as a Dublin transplant she is still a newcomer.  When a skeleton is discovered in a deconsecrated church, the whole town suspects the bones belong to Connor Devitt, a local who disappeared before Ben moved to Glendara.

She Wore Mourning

When private investigator Zachery Goldman agreed to investigate the death of a young man named Declan, he never expected it to take the turn it did. Doing it more as a favor to the boy’s grandmother than anything else, Zachery is soon swept up in the mystery and intrigue surrounding the boy’s death.

Erin Price has just moved to Eagle Falls to claim her inheritance – a house and her Aunt Clementine’s tearoom. Despite the townspeople’s warnings, Erin reopens the shop as a second bakery in town catering to those with food allergies such as those sensitive to gluten, eggs, or dairy. Everyone seems to be loyal to Angela Plaint, who owns the other bakery in town.

After the tragic loss of his wife and son to a drunk driver, detective Winston Radhauser has rebuilt his life as a policeman, rancher, father to a little girl, and husband to a pregnant wife. This fragile new happiness is threatened when his wife is diagnosed with breast cancer, an old case comes back to haunt him—and a new murder case strikes a little too close to home.