Finalities (Mattie James Mysteries Book 6)


Matti James is sent to England with her friend and ex CIA Operative Joe Chauncey. Matti is tasked with identifying the bodies of three allied soldiers from World War Two. What she doesn’t realize initially is that there is a political reason for her being asked to England. The soldiers were left in a shallow grave, and their bodies show signs of having been shot execution style. Matti finds it difficult to determine who she can trust as she works the case as there is so much secrecy involved. 

M.A.R. Unger has managed to write a book that will bring readers rushing back again for the next installment. Matti is a likeable character and the relationship between her and Joe is quite…will they, won't they? This adds to the tension  surrounding the mystery of what happened to the soldiers. Descriptions of settings and situations are well written. The plot moves as a brisk pace, making the book a page turner. It is one of those stories where the reader will want just one more chapter, and suddenly it's two o'clock in the morning. There are some snippets of information that readers who haven't read the previous books may miss out on. The factual information included in the book is well researched and represented. For fans of suspense and mystery, this book is an absolute must read! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick