Fatal Legislation: A Karina Cardinal Mystery Book 2


It’s voting season for Senator Harper, who decides to vote against a bill he previously told Karina he would vote in favor of. Understandably, Karina is confused by the new development and tries to speak to Harper to come to terms with his decision, but the conversation comes to an abrupt halt when the senator dies from a heart attack. Being the last person to see him alive, she is on the police’s radar as a possible suspect. Her FBI boyfriend is doing the best he can to protect her, but it seems she has a target on her back, and her curiosity is not helping the investigation go smoothly.
A realistic and slightly terrifying look into corrupt politicians and government conspiracies, ringing with strong characters not willing to back down and intense story arcs forcing the reader to keep turning those pages! Playing the conspiracy card is a risk that doesn’t always pay off due to the high cliché rate, but that’s not the case here. The story’s premise is unique enough to keep it in the game. Most of the characters are interesting, but the heroine comes across as fairly shallow, and although she is smart, she acts like an airhead. The perspective shifts from first person to third person regularly, which can be distracting and interrupts the flow of the story. The dialogue is massively impressive as it grabs the cadences of natural speech well and doesn’t slow the story down. “Fatal Legislation” is a well-executed mystery that will grip readers’ attention completely without letting go.
Yannie Sorensen

Yannie Sorensen