Reviews - Mystery

Sally Muccio wouldn’t keep selling fortune cookies at her bakery if they weren’t so popular. They also seem to come true in a spectacular way, this time disrupting her wedding plans. When Sally and her fiancé Mike are almost victims of a random shooting, Sally becomes  suspicious — particularly when more fortune cookies containing death threats keep coming her way. Who could want her dead?

The Nutting Girl

Frank Raven is an unusual guy. At one time or another, he has worn many hats: monk, cop, retired private detective, and heavy drinker. Things changed after he was shot and he now leads a much quieter life. He dances and sings with a local troupe and runs  an old movie theatre in Shelburne Falls.

In 1938, a young mother and her remaining children must flee Nazi Germany in order to stay alive after  her son is murdered and her husband taken to a concentration camp. Left with few choices, the family separates, but can they find each other again and get back what they have lost?

Murder on Pea Pike

Honey Ingersoll lands in Eureka Falls, Arkansas after a rough-ride relationship with her biker boyfriend. Ready to reestablish her life, she lands a job with a handsome local realtor by the name of Sam Ridley. She is eager to make her mark in the real estate industry and books a showing with a potential buyer to sell a dilapidated old farmhouse.

HISTORICAL:  Julian Silvester, the Marquis of Trevelin, has fallen from grace amongst the stars of English Society in 1811. After receiving a nasty scar marring the side of his face during a scandalous duel over a married woman, Julian has all but given up hope of being well received by his peers—much less finding a woman who will look past his glaring faults and become his wife.